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Daniel Lee


Hi! My name is Daniel Lee and currently I am a sophmore taking GITA 2. I love everything about computers, this could be from coding, to playing video games. I enjoy seeking new and challenging ideas. Currently I am involved in clubs such as Esports (vice president), Keyclub, and do swim as my sport.

Outside of school, I am taking art classes and play League of Legends for fun. I also make Youtube videos on the side.


My goal is to master all the coding languages the GITA provides. I also want to consistantly use them so that I don't forget them in the future.

Hopefully GITA puts my skills to use so that I can pursue my dream profession.

I want to maintain a 4.0 GPA or higher throughout all of my classes so I can go to the college I want.


I am hoping that my future would be software engineering, or somewhere around computer programming.

I want to work hard and get into a good college where I can pursue my dreams of reaching companies such as Google, Samsung, Apple, and even Riot Games.

I just want to make enough money for me to be happy.