Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my GITA 1 computer science class. We are learning to code in C#
on Visual Studios 2019 and HTML for this webpage.
I loved the concept of programming and I finally get to show you what I have worked on.

My dreams are to one day become a computer programmer
to work at a game developing company such as Riot Games, Google, and Samsung.

Good Bye


Our first project. You get to press buttons and it will show different languages to say "goodbye"

Help Page


This project shows of the logo we made during the first days of GITA class. Also shows a description of the brand that represents the logo.

Mailing Label


This project allows you to fill in information and it will automatically output into a mailing label form.

Car Rental


Reusing mailing label, but we get to use math, adding miles, getting total prices, and avg sales.



You get to enter you weight and height to find out your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Car Rental Upgrade


Upgraded version of car rental, although I lost the original car rental project, So the project file in car rental is actaully the upgraded version.

Test Score


Enter 2 test grades and find the average grade and the grade letters.



Simple dice game, roll the dice and see the probability of getting a specific sum.

Vegas Craps Game


Classic gambling game craps! roll the dice, win with 7 or 11, lose with 2,3,12, reroll if you get 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and keep rerolling until you get 7 to lose, or the same number you got that made you reroll and win.

T-Shirt Benchmark


This was our benchmark. This project used everything we learned into one, and also new things. It lets you add t shirts with options to find the total price, just like product sites such as Amazon.

Slot Machine


You will see these in casinos. Enter credits to roll, and win the grand prize by getting the same picture 3 in a row.

Rock Paper Scissors


classic game of rock paper scissors. One player picks, then the other, and it will output the winner.



The fish moves randomly left or right. If it hits the edge, it keeps count and then goes the other way.